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18 to 19 October: Restructuring

Anticipating and managing restructuring in a socially responsible way. New partnerships to preserve employment


18 October 2010 en 19 October 2010


Jointly organised alongside the European Commission, the conference will debate the way in which the European Union, the Member States, social partners, companies and employees can face up to the challenge of restructuring companies in a quickly and deeply changing economy. This is above all about ensuring that the restructuring can be anticipated and managed in a socially responsible way to benefit jobs.

The conference will bring together several hundred people relating to the various economic, social and regional dimensions of the project. As part of a new EU2020 strategy, the conference will provide the opportunity to tackle topics relating to the social dimension of industrial policies through the development of early and socially responsible restructuring management.

The increasing number of factors propelling the change and restructuring – globalisation, technological developments, environmental and climate issues, etc. – are having a profound effect on the way that social partners and public authorities are tackling the issue. The conference will go in-depth into the issue of switching from a strictly corrective approach to one of preventive action, enabling conflict to be avoided and in some cases for crisis situations to be prevented through forward-looking management, the development of training courses and economic reconversion procedures.

The conference will review the best practices of all the participants, and will explore the future role of the EU in this area, based on the results of 27 national seminars on restructuring held by the European Commission and European social partners.


Programme: High Level Conference - Anticipating and managing restructuring in a socially responsible way. New partnerships to preserve employment (Pdf, 857Kb) 
Annex to programme (Pdf, 53,1Kb) 


Management Center Europe, Rue de l’Aqueduc 118, 1050 Brussels


Catherine Bartholomé
02/233 43 89


You can register for this event by sending an e-mail to


Working documents


Workshop 1: Czech Republic; Denmark; France
Workshop 2: The Netherlands; Malta; Slovenia; United Kingdom
Workshop 3: Italy; Luxembourg; Slovakia; Spain
Workshop 4: Cyprus; Finland; Poland; Romania
Workshop 5: Germany; Ireland; Hungary
Workshop 6: Austria; Greece; Lithuania
Workshop 7 – Belgium; Bulgaria; Estonia
Workshop 8 – Latvia; Portugal; Sweden

Opening session

1st Plenary Thematic Session: Anticipating restructuring in an economy in transformation

2nd Plenary Thematic Session: Professional transitions and restructuring; methods, tools and actors 

3rd Plenary Thematic Session: Management of restructuring: methods and tools and actors


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